The TRIGONE team has developed expertise to maximize the tax credit claims of manufacturing and process companies. With our methodological approach, your company will maximize its tax credit claims while reducing the risk of being subjected to tax audits and the related costly administrative burden.
Our experience has shown us that manufacturing or process companies are generally using an analysis method based on their internal research and development (R&D) projects. However, this method does not allow the identification of all the eligible activities of a manufacturing company, because does not take into account several activities that have clearly contributed to increase the technological or technical knowledge of the company.

Our team will guide you in using our methodological approach for the manufacturing industry in order to better identify your activities that could be eligible for tax credits. To do so, three stakeholders, each with a specific role (a specialized account manager, a consulting engineer and a tax specialist) will help you.

Key Innovation Support Services

  • Company manager training on the analysis approach based on technological or technical issues, in order to identify all the SR&ED activities eligible within a manufacturing company
  • Improvement of technical and administrative documentation to support tax credit claims
  • Application of the analysis method based on technological and technical issues in the metallurgical, chemical and agri-food sectors
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