For many organizations, the seller or the sales team play a key role in the maintenance of the organization’s activities and growth. This is why it is important to carefully manage the different strategy implementation phases in order to optimize the sales force. The TRIGONE sales force optimization program innovates by offering an assessment of the sales department daily tasks in order to identify the intervention level (5). This program allows the company to wisely select the actions to implement, and the level of external help needed. Ultimately, the company will have thoroughly analyzed its sales process and will have made informed decisions on the recruitment, training, supervision, facilitation and assessment of its team.

Service Offering

  • Sales department audit
  • Assessment through a quiz developed by our expert advisors
  • Intervention level identification
  • Result presentation in order to select the proper level of intervention
  • Coaching of the managers in order to implement the corrective actions needed to optimize the sales force

What Distinguishes Us

  • Customized counselling approach
  • Audit allowing for a precise image of the sale services, including the strengths and weaknesses.
  • Optimization of business results and sales team performance
  • Sales and profitability growth
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