TRIGONE’s coaching program is designed for the leaders, managers and teams who think that coaching is a key lever for the development of human potential. The coaching method consists in raising awareness on different situations, in order to expose the possibilities and identify the obstacles that prevent leaders from reaching a new level of excellence and truly fulfilling their mission as visionaries.
Coaching can meet different needs, such as:

  • Strategic leadership development
  • Identification and communication of a clear vision
  • Making difficult decisions
  • Partnership development
  • Managing complexity or piloting major changes
  • Adjusting to a new role
  • Managing a career transition
  • Succession planning
  • Improving individual or team performance

First, coaching speaks to the motivated persons who initiate a change process and engage themselves in the development of new skills, to better themselves. Our coaches will guide your leaders in the co-development of strategies that will allow them to overcome many challenges your organization will face in the short and mid term.

Service Offering

  • Leadership coaching
  • Succession coaching
  • Individual or team coaching
  • Certified training in coaching (employee coaching, 4-D approach, coaching laboratory)
  • Certification training in coaching for professional coaches (internal and external)
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