The Pay Equity Act (Québec) sets the different obligations and responsibilities of the employers based on the number of employees in their company during a very specific reference period. To this effect, several notions need to be examined in order to determine which legal obligations you are required to fulfil—it is easy to lose track here. Whether you are trying to implement pay equity or wish to maintain it, we can help you do so based on the approach suggested by the Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail. This approach will allow you to correct the inequities existing inside your organization, if applicable.

Service Offering

  • Verification of your liability under the Pay Equity Act
  • Identification of the male-dominated or female-dominated employment categories
  • Guidance during the assessment of the identified categories
  • Weighting and estimating of the wage gap as well as verifying data
  • Results display

What Distinguishes Us

  • Approach adapted to your organization’s reality
  • Intervention done by experienced and specialized consultants in pay equity
  • Efficient and simple method
  • Frequent validation with the client throughout the intervention
  • Powerful assessment and analysis tools
  • Customized approach fostering the client’s autonomy
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