We offer you an outsourcing service, i.e. calling on a resource specialized in continuous improvement who will work part-time for you, on site. This resource will develop a continuous improvement plan, implement part of it, and will help you train a project manager on continuous improvement, who will ultimately take over. The project manager will intervene during the LEAN project phases—he is the meeting point for all the skills. He is in charge of the work schedule and responsible for meeting deadlines. At this point, the participants will continue their development through companionship techniques.
Service Offering

  • Needs analysis
  • Meeting facilitation with the internal project manager
  • Meeting organization
  • Identifying performance indicators
  • Internal audit

What Distinguishes Us

  • Interventions from senior consultants in the field
  • Customized counselling approach
  • Practical and dynamic learning
  • Ownership of concepts by all of your business’s departments
  • Process execution based on a detailed and exhaustive action plan
  • Knowledge transfer from a senior resource to a junior resource
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