TRIGONE offers you an “Outdoor Management” team strengthening program using outdoor activities to emphasize the participants’ individual and collective capacities. Communication, mutual aid, individual and collective strength management, team strategies, commitment and mutual confidence are all elements that the participants, coached by an experienced consultant, will explore through structured and gratifying exercises.

This approached is characterized by its increased instructional impact, as the co-operation outside the work environment fosters a sense of awareness that is difficult to obtain during a normal work day. It gives the consultant the base from which he can communicate the theories.

The Outdoor Management is a form of practical training which:
  • Favours equality
  • Creates an imbalance that stimulates learning
  • Promotes global learning
  • Creates a kinaesthetic print
  • Generates physical metaphors
  • Encourages risk taking
  • Promotes projective techniques
  • Develops interpersonal relations more quickly
  • Encourages instability in a secure environment
  • Promotes the diversity of learnings
  • Decreases learning time
  • Promotes the pleasure of working together


The Outdoor Management we offer respects the physical fitness of the team members. Everyone self-assesses its capacity and the consultant prepares the activities based on these assessments.

Self-knowledge test within a team (optional) Two of our consultants have the Myers Briggs Test Indicator (MBTI) certification. This test is a good indicator of the strengths and issues within a work team because it addresses the preferences. Depending on the team issues, we can assess with you the added value of this test.

Why choose the Outdoor Management program? The Outdoor Management accelerates the learning process and anchors in the real world the notions which are only intellectually addressed in class.

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