TRIGONE offers a different form of learning, focused on training and actual implementation and building on mentoring (coaching) to ensure the sustainability and optimize your investment. In times of trouble and uncertainty with intangible assets, faced with information overloads, system interconnectivity, new technologies, a changing workforce, and a more open market, the complexity and the adaptive leadership become the main issues the leadership must deal with. Agility is the most sought skill, i.e. the ability to know when and how to move from one style to the other, such as: leadership, property, empowerment and navigation. Our program is designed to satisfy the needs of clients seeking a tailored training that will help them take on new leadership challenges and successfully navigate through organizational change.
Service Offering

  • Deep analysis of your needs to adapt our program based on your organizational background
  • Phone meeting with the participants to discuss their perceptions, their opinions on leadership and the obstacles they are faced with.
  • Collection of data about their style and their level of leadership (tests, surveys, previous assessments)
  • Development of a Personal Development Program
  • Integration of learnings through practical exercises and a Transformational Leadership Log
  • Progress follow-up and strengthening of successful achievements

Our engagement

  • Expose participants to new perspectives, invite them to question their practices and let them experience different leadership approaches
  • Have them experience a transformation
  • Make them leaders who are better adapted and ready to face today’s challenges
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