Basée sur le concept d’apprentissage dans l’action, l’approche d’implantation d’une culture Lean que nous vous

Based on the concept of learning through action, the LEAN culture implementation approach we offer you is comprised of training sessions with simulations (games) to assimilate the LEAN concepts and tools. Improvement projects will follow these training programs, in order to go through the learning, guidance and achievement of ambitious performance goals.

Service Offering

  • Ambitious business goal setting with the client
  • Management coaching to help the client communicate the information
  • Current situation analysis
  • Development and execution of an action plan to apply the LEAN methodologies
  • Global progress assessment

What Distinguishes Us

  • Interventions from senior consultants in the field
  • Customized counselling approach
  • Practical and dynamic learning
  • Using tools through games to get tangible results
  • Impressive and encouraging results from the first steps of the project
  • Ownership of concepts by all of your business’s departments
  • Enjoyable work environment
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