Custom-designed online management dashboards

The technical part :

  • Used on the WEB (nothing to install)
  • Customized dashboards for each function of the organization (Finance, HR, Operations, Sales, Projects, Clients, Board of Admin., Employees…)
  • >Individualized access management
  • In the form of services or installation
  • Alerts and results by email (for indicator tracking)
  • Adapts to the various systems you use

The strategic Part :

  • Coaching for performance indicators
  • Subsidies possibly available

In addition, the dashboard system allows you to predict trends and measure your performance in achieving your objectives. You will receive the results by email and will be informed if one of your indicators exceeds a threshold that you have set.

Here are a few advantages of using our customized Dashboard system:

 An important strategic tool :

  • Saves time and money
  • Maximizes your profits
  • A communication tool
  • Make the right decisions at the right time
  • Quickly see the impact of a decision
  • Get the status of the organization at a glance
  • Peace of mind by receiving email alerts
  • Benchmarking comparables among your sites or departments

 A simple and very effective tool:

  • Personalized – made to order!
  • From simple to elaborate
  • Set performance criteria (thresholds)
  • Ties between the various functions in your organization
  • Compare sites, periods, and previous years
  • Nothing to install on your systems
  • The system “runs” after the information and does the calculations for you


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