With our engaging approach, our consultants will guide you in thinking through and preparing your future. Whether you need to obtain a diagnosis, to review your strategic direction, to rethink your structure, or to solidify the relations within your work team, TRIGONE has the tools you need.


Whatever challenges you are faced with, TRIGONE is a reliable partner, and its coaches work in line with the goals and specific development needs of the leaders, in accordance with the reality of their function and the organization’s objectives. TRIGONE’s professional coaches abide by the code of conduct of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and base their method on the ICF key skills.


The Innovation Support Service will guide you in maximizing your tax credit claims, such as the SR&ED tax credit (Scientific Research and Experimental Development).


You want to become a leader in your field and focus on your sustainable competitive benefits in order to distinguish yourself from the competition, to optimize your sales force? The expert consultants in marketing strategies at TRIGONE will provide you with a practical method based on engagement and implication, that will allow you to quickly achieve your strategic goals.


Since the main challenge for any company is to attract and retain skilled employees, TRIGONE has developed a line of adapted, efficient and trusted products and services to guide you through the recruitment and management of your workforce.


Choosing TRIGONE’s services is like investing to improve the organization’s performance. Our multidisciplinary team, comprised of experienced and skilled people, designs and offers training programs adapted to the development objectives and issues of your organization. Our strategy options and the tools we offer will help you with skill development and maintaining work performance. With an action-focused approach based on adult education, we value knowledge, self-management and know-how in order to allow people to increase their contribution within your organization.


For Toyota, LEAN simply means “respect for the people and continuous improvement”. Becoming LEAN means each person can systematically identify and eliminate all forms of waste, with the ultimate goal of creating value for the client and the company. Inspired by Toyota’s business model, TRIGONE’s approach to continuous improvement is based on the use of trusted processes and tools that will allow you to identify and eliminate waste within your organization, ensuring you benefit from important gains in terms of productivity, quality and profitability.


Whether you are looking for an initial training, a requalification or an assessment, TRIGONE offers training programs to develop operational excellence with regards to lifting and mobile equipment operation and relating to the control of the main health and safety risks. TRIGONE’s Centre de développement des compétences industrielles is well known by organizations and companies as an official training provider, and our certification in this field allows our client businesses to benefit from this certification as well. With our expertise and our unique integrated approach, TRIGONE will guide you in reaching your operational excellence goals.

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Our marketing experts will advise and guide you in defining your marketing strategies in order to better position yourself in the market and ensure adequate growth. With a thorough analysis of your internal and external environments, your organization’s strengths and weaknesses, the threats you are facing and the opportunities you encounter, we will be able to collaborate with you in building a three or five-year action plan to structure and optimize your marketing activities.

Service Offering

  • Needs assessment
  • Macro-environment analysis
  • Practical and efficient strategy identification
  • Action plan development
  • Intervention report

What Distinguishes Us

  • Customized counselling approach
  • Interventions done by senior consultants
  • Multidisciplinary team expertise
  • Always receptive to the client’s needs and desires
  • Customized approach adapted to the organization’s reality
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The Web 2.0 survey is a tool increasingly being used to assess your clients’ level of satisfaction or to survey your employees in order to improve your products and services. Today, the Internet survey methods have exceeded the accuracy of the phone methods, and they offer new research possibilities and allow you to reach a new pool of clients called 2.0 consumers.

Web 2.0 Survey Benefits

  • People answer the questions when they are available and take the time to think.
  • The respondents better understand the questions and the response options.
  • The respondents express themselves more easily, without the need for an interviewer.
  • The 2.0 Survey allows you to easily reach a younger and mobile population.
  • A 2.0 survey is less expensive to organize than a classic phone survey.

Survey Administration Mode

  • Respondent selection based on your own database (email addresses)
  • Possibility to integrate the survey on a Web site or in a Facebook page
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Result analysis done with a Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS)
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For many organizations, the seller or the sales team play a key role in the maintenance of the organization’s activities and growth. This is why it is important to carefully manage the different strategy implementation phases in order to optimize the sales force. The TRIGONE sales force optimization program innovates by offering an assessment of the sales department daily tasks in order to identify the intervention level (5). This program allows the company to wisely select the actions to implement, and the level of external help needed. Ultimately, the company will have thoroughly analyzed its sales process and will have made informed decisions on the recruitment, training, supervision, facilitation and assessment of its team.

Service Offering

  • Sales department audit
  • Assessment through a quiz developed by our expert advisors
  • Intervention level identification
  • Result presentation in order to select the proper level of intervention
  • Coaching of the managers in order to implement the corrective actions needed to optimize the sales force

What Distinguishes Us

  • Customized counselling approach
  • Audit allowing for a precise image of the sale services, including the strengths and weaknesses.
  • Optimization of business results and sales team performance
  • Sales and profitability growth
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