With our engaging approach, our consultants will guide you in thinking through and preparing your future. Whether you need to obtain a diagnosis, to review your strategic direction, to rethink your structure, or to solidify the relations within your work team, TRIGONE has the tools you need.


Whatever challenges you are faced with, TRIGONE is a reliable partner, and its coaches work in line with the goals and specific development needs of the leaders, in accordance with the reality of their function and the organization’s objectives. TRIGONE’s professional coaches abide by the code of conduct of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and base their method on the ICF key skills.


The Innovation Support Service will guide you in maximizing your tax credit claims, such as the SR&ED tax credit (Scientific Research and Experimental Development).


You want to become a leader in your field and focus on your sustainable competitive benefits in order to distinguish yourself from the competition, to optimize your sales force? The expert consultants in marketing strategies at TRIGONE will provide you with a practical method based on engagement and implication, that will allow you to quickly achieve your strategic goals.


Since the main challenge for any company is to attract and retain skilled employees, TRIGONE has developed a line of adapted, efficient and trusted products and services to guide you through the recruitment and management of your workforce.


Choosing TRIGONE’s services is like investing to improve the organization’s performance. Our multidisciplinary team, comprised of experienced and skilled people, designs and offers training programs adapted to the development objectives and issues of your organization. Our strategy options and the tools we offer will help you with skill development and maintaining work performance. With an action-focused approach based on adult education, we value knowledge, self-management and know-how in order to allow people to increase their contribution within your organization.


For Toyota, LEAN simply means “respect for the people and continuous improvement”. Becoming LEAN means each person can systematically identify and eliminate all forms of waste, with the ultimate goal of creating value for the client and the company. Inspired by Toyota’s business model, TRIGONE’s approach to continuous improvement is based on the use of trusted processes and tools that will allow you to identify and eliminate waste within your organization, ensuring you benefit from important gains in terms of productivity, quality and profitability.


Whether you are looking for an initial training, a requalification or an assessment, TRIGONE offers training programs to develop operational excellence with regards to lifting and mobile equipment operation and relating to the control of the main health and safety risks. TRIGONE’s Centre de développement des compétences industrielles is well known by organizations and companies as an official training provider, and our certification in this field allows our client businesses to benefit from this certification as well. With our expertise and our unique integrated approach, TRIGONE will guide you in reaching your operational excellence goals.

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Increase in the workforce, preferably young employees for quality jobs; the competition to hire and retain qualified employees is getting stronger. The Remarkable Employer certification issued by the BNQ guarantees an employer an important competitive edge in an economic and demographic environment that is going through a deep transformation.

Service Offering

  • Electronic survey customization and deployment
  • Survey administration
  • Pre-communication to entire staff
  • Result presentation to the managers and employees
  • Recommendation and action plan for the management
  • Guidance and coaching (if needed)

Diagnosis tool focused on improvement

  • The certification process will provide you with a detailed assessment of your position based on key criteria.
  • The reasons that brought your employees to choose your company
  • The daily motivations of your employees
  • The perception your employees have on your practices as an employer (company’s reputation, work acknowledgement, professional opportunities, integration of new hires, work organization, work-life balance, ambiance and life quality at work, etc.)
  • The factors promoting staff retention

What Distinguishes Us

  • Interventions done by experienced specialists
  • Dynamic work tools and measurable indicators
  • Customized approach adapted to the organization’s reality
  • Customized support at each step of the process
  • The certification process will provide you with a detailed assessment of your position based on key criteria.

As an authorized distributor of the Remarkable Employer program, TRIGONE has partnered with the group Ambition to ensure the implementation and the follow-up of the certification process within your organization.

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Every employer wishes to offer a healthy workplace, free from psychological harassment. However, sometimes interpersonal relations within a team or between individuals at different levels of the organization deteriorate. The manager then finds himself in the middle of a complex situation and may need help to do the right thing. Our advisors are there for you, do not hesitate to ask them for advice.

Service Offering

  • Situation diagnosis and detailed recommendations
  • Guidance in solving the situation
  • Training offered to managers and employees, if needed
  • Skills development for the manager to efficiently face future harassment situations.

What Distinguishes Us

  • Customized counselling approach
  • Interventions done by human resources senior consultants
  • Trusted tools
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The Pay Equity Act (Québec) sets the different obligations and responsibilities of the employers based on the number of employees in their company during a very specific reference period. To this effect, several notions need to be examined in order to determine which legal obligations you are required to fulfil—it is easy to lose track here. Whether you are trying to implement pay equity or wish to maintain it, we can help you do so based on the approach suggested by the Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail. This approach will allow you to correct the inequities existing inside your organization, if applicable.

Service Offering

  • Verification of your liability under the Pay Equity Act
  • Identification of the male-dominated or female-dominated employment categories
  • Guidance during the assessment of the identified categories
  • Weighting and estimating of the wage gap as well as verifying data
  • Results display

What Distinguishes Us

  • Approach adapted to your organization’s reality
  • Intervention done by experienced and specialized consultants in pay equity
  • Efficient and simple method
  • Frequent validation with the client throughout the intervention
  • Powerful assessment and analysis tools
  • Customized approach fostering the client’s autonomy
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Recruitment is a key strategic activity for businesses. TRIGONE offers you a structured and flexible recruitment process that will allow you to choose the best candidates for your organization. Our consultants will present you an approach adapted to your situation, with recruitment tools (tests, interviews) selected based on the key strategic skills you are looking for.

Service Offering

  • Analysis of your needs to position our intervention based on your organization’s specific background
  • Development of strategies focused on finding the best candidates
  • Dissemination of interest calls through the most efficient platforms
  • Design of a selection tool based on the desired skills
  • Meeting and assessment of candidates
  • Selection and recommendation of the best candidates

What Distinguishes Us

  • Interventions by experienced consultants
  • Deep knowledge of your organization background
  • Powerful tools to minimize the risk of errors when hiring
  • Stimulating approach to foster a quick employment integration
  • Always looking to improve your candidate selection and hiring practices
  • Large network of contacts to attract the best candidates on the market
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However, you do not need someone full time yet, and you are not sure about the contribution a human resources person can bring to your organization. TRIGONE suggests you outsource, i.e. using the service of a part-time resource specialized in human resources management for your company. The consultant will be able to implement a human resources service, develop the key tools you need, train a resource and guide you in addressing human resource issues.

Service Offering

Needs analysis

Meeting facilitation with the internal project manager

Meeting organization

Identifying performance indicators

Internal audit
What we can do for you

  • Recruiting and employment integration
  • Internal policy development and maintenance (employee guide)
  • Task descriptions
  • Records management (illness, absenteeism, insurances, etc.)
  • Compensation policy
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