With our engaging approach, our consultants will guide you in thinking through and preparing your future. Whether you need to obtain a diagnosis, to review your strategic direction, to rethink your structure, or to solidify the relations within your work team, TRIGONE has the tools you need.


Whatever challenges you are faced with, TRIGONE is a reliable partner, and its coaches work in line with the goals and specific development needs of the leaders, in accordance with the reality of their function and the organization’s objectives. TRIGONE’s professional coaches abide by the code of conduct of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and base their method on the ICF key skills.


The Innovation Support Service will guide you in maximizing your tax credit claims, such as the SR&ED tax credit (Scientific Research and Experimental Development).


You want to become a leader in your field and focus on your sustainable competitive benefits in order to distinguish yourself from the competition, to optimize your sales force? The expert consultants in marketing strategies at TRIGONE will provide you with a practical method based on engagement and implication, that will allow you to quickly achieve your strategic goals.


Since the main challenge for any company is to attract and retain skilled employees, TRIGONE has developed a line of adapted, efficient and trusted products and services to guide you through the recruitment and management of your workforce.


Choosing TRIGONE’s services is like investing to improve the organization’s performance. Our multidisciplinary team, comprised of experienced and skilled people, designs and offers training programs adapted to the development objectives and issues of your organization. Our strategy options and the tools we offer will help you with skill development and maintaining work performance. With an action-focused approach based on adult education, we value knowledge, self-management and know-how in order to allow people to increase their contribution within your organization.


For Toyota, LEAN simply means “respect for the people and continuous improvement”. Becoming LEAN means each person can systematically identify and eliminate all forms of waste, with the ultimate goal of creating value for the client and the company. Inspired by Toyota’s business model, TRIGONE’s approach to continuous improvement is based on the use of trusted processes and tools that will allow you to identify and eliminate waste within your organization, ensuring you benefit from important gains in terms of productivity, quality and profitability.


Whether you are looking for an initial training, a requalification or an assessment, TRIGONE offers training programs to develop operational excellence with regards to lifting and mobile equipment operation and relating to the control of the main health and safety risks. TRIGONE’s Centre de développement des compétences industrielles is well known by organizations and companies as an official training provider, and our certification in this field allows our client businesses to benefit from this certification as well. With our expertise and our unique integrated approach, TRIGONE will guide you in reaching your operational excellence goals.

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Custom-designed online management dashboards

The technical part :

  • Used on the WEB (nothing to install)
  • Customized dashboards for each function of the organization (Finance, HR, Operations, Sales, Projects, Clients, Board of Admin., Employees…)
  • >Individualized access management
  • In the form of services or installation
  • Alerts and results by email (for indicator tracking)
  • Adapts to the various systems you use

The strategic Part :

  • Coaching for performance indicators
  • Subsidies possibly available

In addition, the dashboard system allows you to predict trends and measure your performance in achieving your objectives. You will receive the results by email and will be informed if one of your indicators exceeds a threshold that you have set.

Here are a few advantages of using our customized Dashboard system:

 An important strategic tool :

  • Saves time and money
  • Maximizes your profits
  • A communication tool
  • Make the right decisions at the right time
  • Quickly see the impact of a decision
  • Get the status of the organization at a glance
  • Peace of mind by receiving email alerts
  • Benchmarking comparables among your sites or departments

 A simple and very effective tool:

  • Personalized – made to order!
  • From simple to elaborate
  • Set performance criteria (thresholds)
  • Ties between the various functions in your organization
  • Compare sites, periods, and previous years
  • Nothing to install on your systems
  • The system “runs” after the information and does the calculations for you


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Customized online tool development with dashboards

Your operations require the use of questionnaires, forms, purchase orders… ?
Transferring these work tools to a computer format provides several advantages for your organization:

  • Elimination of paper documents
  • Elimination of duplicate information
  • Elimination of tasks offering no added value
  • Make the information contained in your various work tools interact
  • Intelligent and automated information management
  • Get the most from your data
  • Constitutes a corporate memory

Custom management tool development

You need management tools to better organize what sets you apart from other organizations?

You want to automate your processes to make your organization perform better?

A solution can be developed for a single process or a portal can be developed for all your processes so that operations management can become much more efficient (business process automation).

These solutions can be combined with a reporting tool.

A few advantages:

  • Elimination of paper documents
  • Elimination of duplicate information
  • Elimination of tasks offering no added value
  • Make the information contained in your various work tools interact
  • Optimization and automation of process management
  • Intelligent and automated information management
  • Get the most from your data
  • Constitutes a corporate memory

Examples of custom management tools

  • Complete portal for management and optimization of operational
  • procedures
  • Data management tool for SST (Santé et sécurité au travail)
  • Grievance management tool
  • Inspection tool
  • Admissions tool
  • Monitoring tool
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Survey and reporting tools adapted to your needs

A solution to your lack of time. Receive your survey results by email.

Survey management portal with integrated reporting tool

Your organization must perform various types of surveys on a regular basis. In order to keep tight control over the content and the quality of the surveys, it becomes imperative that you equip yourself with a survey platform that caters to your needs. You will then be able to generate surveys and reports adapted to your needs. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Surveys and reporting tools

For your survey process to be credible, you must use the services of an external resource.

  • Demonstrates the respect of confidentiality
  • Provides you access to expertise
  • Provides access to tools on the cutting edge

You want your surveys to become an integral part of your processes and become a management tool?

Contact us so that we can identify together the solution that will meet your needs and maximize your return on investment.

We offer various types of surveys and reports to meet your particular needs.


  • Affordable survey tool,
  • Standardized content with choice of questions,
  • You receive a survey link that you provide your clients via your website, invoice, on a tablet or by email,
  • You receive the results by email
  • The report presents your results and the average results for your competitors (benchmark).

The various survey procedures


Using a single link:

  •   Placed on your website.
  •   Placed on the receipt or invoice.
  •   Placed at workstations.
  •   Sent by email by your organization.


  •   Personalized invitation sent by our firm.
  •   Invitation automatically sent via your systems, or other, according to your needs.
  •   Enter a file for respondent characteristics in the survey system.
  •   Email automatically sent with the responses or part of the responses from the respondents.
  •   Email alerts sent based on responses that do not correspond to your standards of performance.
  •   Creation and removal of groups (for access to the survey) by our clients’ survey administrators.

Survey content

Various options :

  •   Using the content of your existing surveys
  •   Using our standardized questionnaires.
  •   We submit a list of customizable questions.
  •   We develop a made-to-order survey content to meet your needs.

Access to results

Various options :

  •   Ability to limit access to certain results for different users.
  •   Custom reports received by email.
  •   Access to reports via a secured link.
  •   Ability to send email alerts (when results meet certain criteria).

Types of reports


  •   Respondent profile
  •   Description of results
  •   Comments



  •   Priority of actions
  •   Best performers
  •   Ranking of results by respondent characteristics
  •   Ranking of questions by result

Types of surveys

Human Resources

  • Employee satisfaction
  • Employee engagement level
  • Likelihood to recommend from the Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Benchmark measurements (the employee compares you to other potential employers)
  • Reasons employees are leaving
  • Internal client satisfaction
  • Inter-departmental satisfaction
  • Evaluation of immediate supervisor
  • Measure of the difference in perception between supervisors and employees
  • Measure of the difference in perception between employees and customers
  • Surveys to measure strategic plan indicators


  • Customer satisfaction
  • Likelihood to recommend from the Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Benchmark measurements :
    • the customer compares you to your competitors
    • your results are compared with those of your competitors
  • Submissions tracking survey
  • Measurement of difference in perception between employees and customers
  • Surveys to measure strategic plan indicators
  • Surveys intended for your partners
  • Satisfaction surveys for participants of events, seminars, conferences, conventions, activities
  • Public consultation, of a group of people…


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